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An assortment of the most popular Provençal photographs from An American in Provence in elegant artisan folded cards, hand printed in France.

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“The ultimate takeaway, though, is the value of slow living 
that Beck has learned in Provence.”


Jamie Beck is an artist and author living and working in Provence, France.

After leaving New York behind for what was supposed to be a one year sabbatical, author and photographer Jamie Beck has curated a life of creation in Provence, in the South of France.

For the last six years Jamie has built photographs, expanded her family and most importantly, cultivated a legacy that feels as authentic and filled with romanticism as the artworks she so passionately produces. 




“Jamie’s transporting book brings back all the wonderful memories of my first trip to France in my twenties, when I fell in love with the beauty of the country, and especially the vibrant flavors of the Provençal table.” —Alice Waters

United States & France Book Signing Events!

I will be visiting the United States in select cities, as well as Paris, France for book tour and public signing events. Follow the link to see the full schedule information.

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“It would be appropriate to shelve this book near other notable first-person travelogues, such as Elizabeth Gilbert’s wildly popular memoir: Eat, Pray, Love. Beck’s feat goes even further, unfurling sumptuous, painterly photographs that convey not only the physical impact of Provence’s gifts, but also capture its essence.”
— Laura Manske, FORBES MAGAZINE Shop

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“Jamie captures the charm and romance of Provence in her stunning book, filled with lush photos of food, wine, and other glories of la France. An American in Provence is a woman’s journey of immersion in the country and culture of France, from the fragrant fields of lavender to the crusty bounty of her local boulangerie.” —David Lebovitz

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